The Cascade Dental Care Philosophy

flowers in front of water feature

Hidden in American Fork Canyon, long through a winding road known as the Alpine Loop, resides a spectacular natural jewel, Cascade Springs. With a short half mile trail over boardwalks and walkways, you can enjoy a breathtaking natural spring cascading down the mountain into a series of pools and limestone terraces.

This hike has been a place of peace and refuge for Dr. Loosli's family, as they have enjoyed the adventure in traveling to and hiking around the springs. "I always leave feeling refreshed and invigorated," he shares.

The core dental care philosophy of our office comes from the experience Dr. Loosli has had at Cascade Springs; calm, peaceful, refreshing, and beautiful.

Dr. Loosli recounts, "My personal goal as a dentist has always been to create a dream office, the kind of office that I would love to be a patient at, where we provide the best dental work, in a beautiful environment that promotes serenity and peace."

When you come to have your teeth cleaned, we want you to leave feeling refreshed.

If you need to have a filling or crown, our staff does everything in our power to provide a sense of peace and contentment.

Whether you are new to the neighborhood, or are looking for a better dental experience, call or stop in today!

We would love to show you what dental care can feel like!

Our Dental Care Philosphy - What To Expect

You can expect more from your dental care experience. Feel calm and relaxed during your appointment and leave feeling refreshed. Read below for more.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Every aspect of the office was designed to help our guests feel welcome and calm. We have a special kid's nook up front, easy access to any media in your dental chair.

Professional and Caring Staff

With more than 20 years of experience as a dentist, and decades of combined work in the industry our staff is conscientious, thorough and friendly!

No Drilling Sounds

The high frequency drilling noise is often what triggers fear and pain in many patients. Did you know there is a better way? We have new equipment that makes no noise! Don't believe me? Come in and check it out!

Family Friendly Atmosphere

We love seeing families; and cater our appointments to the needs of every age group and special need. Kids are welcome! Teens are implored. Adults are invited. We believe there is something about our office that everyone will like!

Media Options During Your Visit

Our high tech patient chairs allow you to watch television, your choice of movies, or you can plug in your own media device to listen to music! You can be comfortable and enjoy the show, instead of the work being done.

No Dentist Smell

You know the smell that assaults your nostrils as you hesitantly walk into your dentist appointment? Not here, not for you, not ever. You are welcome!

Convenient Location

We are located on 3382 West 9000 South in West Jordan, just ten quick minutes from the freeway! We are a quick drive for families living in South Jordan, West Jordan, Draper, Sandy and Taylorsville.

State of the Art Equipment

Same day crowns, 360 digital x-ray machine, no sound drills and more! These tools give us an insiders view into your oral health, and allow us to quickly and comfortably perform the work needed to send you on your way.